The Compton Organ was originally 6 Ranks when it was installed in both the Cinema, and its previous home. Being of a smaller size, it was also equipped with Compton’s Patent Melotone attachment, which unfortunately is now no longer part of the organ.

The original 6 ranks were:

Metal Tibia (16-2)
Concert Flute (8-2)
Viole (8-4)
Tuba Horn (16-4)
Muted Trumpet (8)
Open Diapason (8-4)

Standard percussion’s were also fitted to the organ:


Crash Cymbal, Cymbal Tap & Roll, Train Whistle, Steam Boat Whistle, Castanets, Bass Drum Roll and Tap P and F, Snare Drum Roll, Klaxon, Siren, Tambourine, Tom-Tom, Triangle, Bird Whistle, Sleigh Bells and Sand Block.

During the installation by Dave in his Garage Showroom, the organ has not only been revoiced and regulated, but also enlarged with the following:

Player Piano
Vox Humana (8)
Kinura (8)
Krumet (8)
Brass Saxophone (8)
Wooden Tibia (8-2)
English Horn (16-8)
Diaphone (16)
Bourdon (16)
Viole Celeste (8tc-4)
Cello (8-4)
Cello Celeste (8tc-4)
Brass Trumpet (8)
Clarinet (8)
Quintadena (8)

Cathedral Chimes (previously generated by the Melotone unit)
Vibraphone/Chrysoglott (previously generated by the Melotone unit)
Piano Accordion
61-note Marimba Harp
18-note Tuned Birds
Extended Toy Counter
Compton Solo Cello
Full Automated Drum Kit
External Tibia Bass
Tuned Sleigh Bells
5 Temple Blocks

Series 3 Melotone

Blackpool enthusiasts will also be pleased to note that Compton is now fitted with the Quint and Tierce ranks – due to the increasing number of instruments in the UK enhanced to this specification, such fine examples have been exceptionally difficult to obtain.