Musical Instruments

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The latest addition to the Pipes in the Peaks collection is a Decap 105 key Extra Special Dance Organ.  It was built in 1979 by the Decap family in Antwerp.  It had previously seen action in Belle Vue Dancing venue in the Netherlands, later at the York Museum of Mechanical Music, before being installed here in May 2011.

It now provides music before and during the intervals of Pipes in the Peaks Shows.

Weber Duo-Art Reproducer Piano.  Previously at the late John Nixon Collection.

Marshall and Wendell Ampico Reproducer Piano.

Polyhone Mikado

Mills Violano Virtuoso

Hammond RT3 with Leslie and PR40 speakers

5 manual 33 rank virtual theatre organ using a custom made paramount sample set

Yamaha AR100
Cabinetto Reed Organ
Edison Phonograph

Pipes in the Peaks Collection

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