Pipes in the Peaks has 2 resident organists, and we also regularly feature the very best guest organists for your entertainment.

Occasionally, we also feature other guest artists and bands to add to your experience!

Guest Organists

Over the years we have invited many guest organists to play the Mighty Pipes in the Peaks Compton in concert.  We have featured Phil Kelsall MBE, Robert Wolfe, Nigel Ogden, Nicholas Martin BEM, Chris Powell, Kevin Grunill, John Mann, Jean Martyn and Donald MacKenzie.

Christian Cartwright

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Christian is one of the younger generation of organists who is not only interested in playing, but also in the intricate restoration side of these fine historic instruments. Along with his brother, Christopher, a Christie organ is being completely renovated.
He was taken to the Ballroom at Blackpool Tower from early infancy, and from around the age of 3 he started ‘playing’ a keyboard. He then progressed to an electronic organ and eventually used a vintage Compton 357 Melotone. He first sat at the console of a theatre organ in January 1999 (the WurliTzer 3/8 of Burton Town Hall in fact) and has since played a varied selection of British and American theatre organs, most notably the 74+ rank WurliTzer at the OrganStop Pizza Parlour in Phoenix Arizona, and also the 80 rank WurliTzer of the amazing Sanfillippo residence in Chicago, Illinois. During 2001, Christian was made assistant organist at the Pipes In The Peaks Compton. He can be seen many times in concert at this particular venue.


At the OrganStop 4/74 WurliTzer

Christian is completely self taught, and has spent many, many hours listening, watching and studying recordings of the masters of the instrument past and present. He likes to present a wide selection of music for all tastes and ages, and his many styles of interpretation are his own arrangments. He found influences from the likes of American artistes such as Lyn Larsen and Ron Rhode, to the British counterparts in particular the late Vic Hammett, and of course the ever popular Phil Kelsall.
With Mum, Dad and brother Christopher at my Graduation Ceremony. Christian is a Batchelor of Science, having graduated from Staffordshire University, and is employed in a non-music related position. His other interests are Steam and Traction Engines, Classic Cars, and F1 Motor Racing. He also likes listening to many types of music, especially Katie Melua, Shania Twain, and the Mavericks.


Stephen Foulkes

Since the opening in 1999, Stephen Foulkes has been organist here at ‘Pipes In The Peaks’.  He has also held the same position from 1993 at the ex-Granada Greenford WurliTzer housed at the M-Ranch at Sutton-in-Ashfield near Mansfield.

Stephen was born at an early age in 1972, the proud Son of parents, Mrs Glenda and Mr Adrian Foulkes.  His younger brother Paul, joined the family a few years later.Like many other younger organists of today, he started playing the organ at the tender age of 7.  This was after first going to hear, and being inspired by a youthful Phil Kelsall, at the WurliTzer of Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

While studying music with the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music, he passed Grade 8 by 15.  His studies were furthered with the London College of Music Diploma.

At work, Stephen is office manager for a Chartered Accountancy.  He is a Fellow of the Association of Accounting Technicians, a Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Apart from organ music, Stephen’s relaxes to his music collection which contains a wide variety of styles including Big Band, Glenn Miller, Ted Heath, and a whole range of Classical music.  He also has a great appreciation of the composer John Williams, and the Mavericks.

His first contact with the Cinema Organ around 1988, in the form of training on the WurliTzer, which was until 2001 located in the Silver Jubilee Club, West Hallam, Derbyshire.  Stephen followed in the footsteps at this venue of other famous names, including Nicholas Martin and Robert Wolfe.  At this time he was introduced to David Thorp, prior to his purchase of the Regal/ABC Derby Compton.

Both Stephen, and his brother Paul have been popular throughout the UK, with Stephen performing on the organ and Paul accompanying on a variety of Brass instruments, keyboards and vocals.

In 1993, Stephen booked the Tower Ballroom for his own concert, after finishing a series of events at venues such as Burton Town-Hall.  He still makes regular appearances for concerts and dancing around the country, both on pipes and electronics.

Since their first meeting, David and Stephen have become great friends.  After David obtained his Comtpon, they have worked closely on it’s re-specification, and the visual aspects of the venue.

Recently, both Stephen and Paul have written and arranged music for an Alpine Horn band in Switzerland.  Paul is currently in charge of the music department, at one of the countries’ premier and exclusive boarding schools.


Stephen has made 2 recordings of himself, featuring some tracks with Paul on Brass instruments, recorded on the M-Ranch WurliTzer (as seen on Phil Kelsall video “Going for Gold”).  Tracks are often featured on BBC Radio 2, “The Organist Entertains”.

Copies of the recordings are available at his concerts.